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Pure Liver

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Pure Liver – Nutritional Support

    • Boost Energy & Health
  • Promote Healthy Hair and Skin
    • Nutrients That Many Lack
    • Hard To Get From Other Food
    • Powerful & Pure Ingredients

    Pure Liver is made from Icelandic lamb liver, which is an outstanding natural source of many of the most important vitamins you need. It contains large amounts of B-vitamins, which are essential for normal metabolism and energy production and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Pure Liver is rich in vitamin A, which promotes normal iron metabolism, healthy skin and normal vision. It also contains a high level of copper, which gives normal color to your hair and skin and protects your cells against oxidative stress.


    Pure Liver is a superb addition to a normal modern diet, especially for those who might lack nutrients in their diet and for people under physical stress. This product is good for those who are looking for a whole food source of vitamin A, Iron and B complex.




    Ingredients: Desiccated ovine liver. Hypromellose capsules.


    Does NOT contain: starch, yeast, gluten, dairy corn, soya nor artificial colors or preservatives. Additive free. GMO free.


    Customer Reviews

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    Lauren Harvey
    Awesome Stuff Here

    I absolutely love it and appreciate it greatly! Placing another order as I type this!

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