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AstaSkin benefits the skin in many ways and is an all-in-one skin product. The blend contains 3 key active ingredients plus a variety of vitamins for optimal skin health. Astaxanthin from KeyNatura is produced in a sustainable way using high-tech greenhouses, renewable hydroelectric energy, and pure Icelandic water. Icelandic AstaSkin includes our natural Astaxanthin, clinically tested Ceramides, and sustainable Collagen. This blend helps the skin to maintain a youthful hydrated appearance and protect it from UV rays and pollution.

  • It protects the skin against UV rays and harmful environmental pollutants.
  • Maintains moisture within the skin.
  • Maintains the structure of the skin to prevent it from breaking down and forming wrinkles.
  • It keeps the skin strong, healthy, soft, supple, and reduces wrinkles considerably.


Ingredients: Natural Astaxanthin (6 mg). Phytoceramides from rice. Collagen. Zink, Copper. Vitamin A, B2, B3, B7, B12, C, and D.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ramón Grupe Cacho
Amazing skin supplement.

I discovered AstaSkin along with other Key Natura astaxanthin supplements several years ago, and have never turned away from it. It bring such brilliance to the skin tine along with the myriad health benefits of astaxanthin. It has become part of my daily regimen.

Thank you Ramón!


This is a great product, easily digestible and keeps my skin/hair looking good, and Iceland Naturals provides great customer support!

Thank you Natalie!

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